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Do You Suffer From Hemorrhoids?


Most people will have to deal with the pain and inflammation of hemorrhoids at least once. For pregnant women, there is a good chance they will appear either late in the pregnancy, or just after birth. Constipation can lead to them for women and men alike. This article has some hints that may help you avoid this common condition.

When it comes to relieving the discomfort of hemorrhoids, combined hot-and-cold therapy is one of your best bets. The cold will help shrink your hemorrhoid and the heat will promote healing. Apply ice for ten minutes by a moistened heat pad for twenty minutes.

Drinking plenty of water can help to reduce the symptoms and growth of hemorrhoids. Maintaining your hydration equates to having easier bowel movements. Additionally, it’s best to cut back on drinking both caffeinated beverages and alcoholic ones.

Ice Pack

Were you aware that there are many items in your kitchen that can relieve your hemorrhoid symptoms. Ice packs are an effective home remedy for discomfort associated with hemorrhoids. The soreness will go away if you apply the ice pack for about ten minutes. An ice pack positioned directly over your hemorrhoids can also help to reduce inflammation.

Be sure to choose whole wheat bread and other whole grain products instead of processed grains to improve digestion and elimination. Your skin can also be less irritated and red after eating this product. So, stock up your bread box and switch to wheat bread.

The primary cause of most types of hemorrhoids is based on an overexertion of the muscles in the sphincter and the surrounding areas. Those who suffer with recurring hemorrhoids should take care not to strain their sphincter muscles, as well as their abdominal and other muscles.

Give some natural remedies a try before you spend money on pricey hemorrhoid treatments. Following bowel movements, try soaking in a lukewarm sitz bath for several minutes. Never scratch your hemorrhoids, no mater how much they itch, because this can aggravate the condition. Try applying some pads that have been dampened with witch hazel for temporary relief when your hemorrhoids are flaring up. Be sure to drink plenty of water daily, and eat lots of high fiber foods. This will prevent excessive straining during a bowel movement.

Always refrain from scratching hemorrhoids, much as you would with any other type of infection. You have to avoid scratching so you don’t tear your skin. Should they be torn open, you will experience a great deal more discomfort, and leave yourself vulnerable to infection.

Lifting items that are too heavy for you to lift can cause hemorrhoids. The strain when you lift is similar to the strain you feel when you are passing your stool. If you regularly lift heavy objects and have recurring hemorrhoids, find ways to avoid doing this lifting.

Consume fiber-rich foods, and drink plenty of water in order to soften feces. Softer stools prevent hemorrhoids by causing less strain. Papaya, grapes and watermelon are particularly effective in producing softer stool and regular movements. Vegetables with high fiber content, like cabbage, also help keep the stools soft. Also, be sure to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water.

If you are suffering from constipation, walk around a little before trying to have a bowel movement. Walking will stretch your body out and get your digestion moving again. This will lessen the strain of passing the stool which could further irritate your hemorrhoids. A 15 minute walk at a brisk pace will do the trick.

Consume a lot of high fiber foods. You will have softer stool if you eat a diet that is rich in fiber. This allows you to use less force on the commode, therefore minimizing pain and discomfort that occurs with straining and pushing. Eat fruits or take fiber supplements to make it easier to pass stools.

You can actually relieve yourself of a lot of swelling and pain by sitting in a warm tub as frequently you need. If you sit in warm water, it will give you better blood flow to your hemorrhoids and it will help the pain. Position yourself with your knees bent. Stay in the water for awhile; at least till the water has started to get cool.

A donut cushion can be very helpful for people suffering with hemorrhoids. This cushion is designed specifically for your bottom, and it makes you feel better when dealing with hemorrhoids. You will find that sitting on this type of cushion is far more comfortable than sitting on a hard surface.

Drink a glass of Aloe Vera juice if you need to ease your bowel movements. Some people do not like the taste, but it goes down easier if mixed with apple juice. Look at the instructions and only consume the amount that the manufacturer recommends. Drinking more than the recommended amount can cause an upset stomach.

Use a hemorrhoid cream sparingly. While creams numb the hemorrhoid pain, they don’t treat the irritation or swelling. Read the labels on any cream or ointment you choose to use, and seek your physicians advice if you feel you will exceed the package recommendations. Do not use any products in a manner for which they were not intended. Follow all directions carefully to avoid exasperating your condition.

If you don’t know whether you’ve got a hemorrhoid, it’s vital that you talk to your doctor. A lot of people don’t know the difference from a polyp and a hemorrhoid, and this may cause undo panic. Be sure to have it checked fast if you’re not able to find out for yourself.

Just about every adult will have an experience with hemorrhoids throughout their life. Many have to deal with it repeatedly. This condition can pretty much be avoided with proper exercise and diet.

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